Finding happiness in 2020 and beyond

I spoke to you in the pandemic year and how the pandemic made our lives (both personal and professional) miserable. All is not lost. I am reaching out to you so you can provide me feedback about my website.
In 2020, I started off coaching people. It was not the best time to start coaching people, but I realized that there cannot be a better time for anything. Hence I did not wait. I just called up people, inquiring about their well-being et al.
I knew I was missing something. I knew I had to scale and reach out to more people than ever before. Hence began the idea of my website. While figuring out what I needed to put on my website, I did a lot of brainstorming with myself and came out with my niche “Happiness”. What is the one thing that people want and yearn for?
Is it money? Is it health? Can you be just healthy without food on the plate? Can you be wealthy and your health went for a toss? So what is the one thing that makes people tick? Hope to live and succeed the next day?
I figured it was happiness. Hence my website is centered around the science of being happy.
You be the judge. Let me know how my website is. I am exposing this to a small set of people whom I trust are people who center their lives around happiness, either that of others or of yourself.
Let me know what you think about the website. Is it good, is it ugly, or is it stupid? Feel free to pour in your feedback.
And any thoughts around what people want in 2021. Hoping to hear from you soon.
Happiness Coach Bharath.
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