Investing requires a mindset. Happiness Coaching requires a happy mindset. It is related to the science of being and making happy. I’m a happy investor. What is investing after all? Investing is deploying resources at your disposal in activities or entities that perform activities, that fetch returns. Returns make the investor happy. Happiness is an outcome. Investing is an endeavor. The motivation for performing an endeavor is happiness.

I need to watch the company that I’ve invested in, grow, and not at the company price. For the right company, no price can be wrong. The sooner you start investing in the right company, the better. When the price is low, you can acquire as many shares you want of the company as you can. When the company stock price is high. Just stay put. Keep your reserves intact. This is called the investor’s mindset. It’s based on common sense and keeping emotions at bay. You don’t listen to analysts. You just keep faith in the right company and you become wealthy eventually.

Investing requires a lot of patience. Like fishing does or like hunting does. You need to keep watching the company’s performance as though it is your own business. Let’s say a company performs well, but other investors are not convinced that the stock deserves a price rise. So the company’s stock price keeps languishing for a long time. Although you are convinced of the management’s ability to turn the company’s fortunes around. You just took a big risk by investing in the company and by continuing to invest in the company. However, for unfathomable reasons, the stock price remained static for an unreasonably long period of time. Then comes the market realization of the worth of the company, and the stock price just starts to skyrocket. This is called a breakout.

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Investment Mindset is different from trader's mindset